Twitter Hashtags: Why you should care


You have probably seen hashtags if you’ve been on Twitter more than once to check out what your friends have been up to. You may not know what I am talking about when I use the term “Hashtag”.

Let’s begin there. The “#” symbol is simply a word or two, with the “#”, placed in front. Logging into your Twitter account will allow you to see the current trending hashtags in your right-hand column. As an example, the current top hashtag I see is “#nowplaying”.

You can choose to narrow down hashtags to a specific location.

Who cares if you don’t?

You care if you spend time on the Internet in order to earn a living, or at least to supplement your income. Hashtags allow you to categorize or catalog your Tweets so they can be found more easily by people who are interested in the topic. Due to hashtags spreading so quickly, it’s likely that people who aren’t currently following you will find your Tweets.

You want to grow a big following of Twitter users.

Are you trying to promote a particular event or campaign?

Do you want to create some buzz about a new product?

Short answer: hashtags trends will help you build a big Twitter following, increase your blog subscribers and, as I assume many business owners are interested in, improve your bottom line.

Now, for the bad: Like everything else on the Internet there are those who abuse hashtags, and they’ve become a vehicle to spam. Never use hashtags that do not relate to your Tweet’s content if you want to build your online reputation. It’s all about maintaining good etiquette and integrity, as well as being truthful in your online conduct.

Let’s talk about this option for those who are looking ahead to see how they can use current trends to boost their following, marketing, and/or traffic on your website. You have done some research on the current trending hashtags and are wondering how you can use them. This question depends entirely on how you use your Twitter account.

In my case I read a lot, and love to hear quotes from all walks of people. They can make me laugh or give me a new idea, and they are often uplifting. Many of the tweets I send are quotes I’ve found and I think that someone else might also enjoy them. I also spend a great deal of time helping small business owners and entrepreneurs leverage the power the Internet. So, I Tweet about topics related to that endeavor.

It would be a waste of time for me to Tweet about the latest trends in the world of entrainment, Tiger Woods, or other topics that have nothing to do with my main theme. Also, don’t use hashtags on every tweet you send. Use common sense. Ask someone who has more experience and be smart with how you use your Twitter account.

Last but not least, make sure you provide value to those who will be searching for hashtags in your tweets.

This is not an exhaustive guide on how to use hashtags with your Twitter account or the Tweets you send out. But I hope you get the gist. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

Please share your success with using hashtags in order to grow your company. I always seek out tips, tricks, and ideas from people who have more experience than me.