Sport Betting Systems: The Winning Formulas


Betting is considered a mug game. Some bettors are professionals. Many of them are losing regularly, even though they make a living off sport betting.

You might hear people swearing if you walk down a betting counter. It’s always the same people.

It is impossible to win 100% of the time. Some systems of betting will be very close. You place a wager for profit and not for pleasure. Rent money is not used for betting. You can only lose what you have. This is why you need to create a “betting bank”.

A third of the favourite winners in horse races are females. You can make a steady stream of profits by knowing how to identify them. If you are able to identify them, you can lay the remaining 60% on any betting exchange or betfair.

It will win if it has a favorite horse and is loved by the racetrack. It will win more than it loses.

A horse racing in a higher level (for the first-time) has no chance of winning, unless something extraordinary happens. This horse will compete against horses with more experience!

Greyhound racing is no different. Laying a good bet on a dog racing in a higher class (eg. A3 to A2) is possible.

The most important aspects of the overall picture will be lost by mechanical Online Casino Malaysia systems. It is important to learn more about the sport you are placing your bets on, and your own judgment. This can be done by reading the sections of newspapers, magazines or newsletters that are related to your sport.

In team sports, I have found that teams playing against each other, even if they are five to six spots below them in the league tables, win most of the times. This applies to Rugby, Basketball, and Football. Except for exceptional circumstances, the top team that plays at home against the bottom of the table will win.

A top seed in tennis will win against any player 6-8 places below them on the World Ranking Table. They will win unless they are out of form after being away from tournaments for a while or have sustained an injury that they haven’t fully recovered from. If they have a poor record playing on the particular ground (grass, dust, or carpet), they can be outperformed.

If you place a betfair or other betting exchange, even if they are not able to win, it can still generate a profit for you.

Whatever you do always paper trade first, for accuracy. You will reap the rewards when you find the patterns and use them.

There’s more to life than winning and making money. To make your activities sustainable, you will need to support them with a purpose. Knowing why you do what is important to you and doing it well will make the difference between a professional and a consistent loser. Remember that you can always get help if you need it.

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