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You can own your own model racing team and be the star driver if you love motor racing like NASCAR or NHRA. Model racing can be just as difficult as the real thing.

These tiny cars can zip around the track in as little as four seconds. Drag racers can reach speeds of up to 100 mph as they cruise along the track. To get the perfect car, you could spend thousands of dollars and work for hours on it. Many people love it as a hobby or passion. slot gacor car racing is very popular in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

If you want to race at your best, there are many parts that go into a slotcar track. Just like a real racecar, you will need the correct tires, brakes (controller), motor and gears. The race car driver is key to the success of the slot car formula. He/she must be able to brake in turns and maintain speed through straightaways.

Mid-America, located in Montgomery, Illinois is home to many large tournaments open to slot car enthusiasts. Mid-America offers Scalextric, SCX and Ninco slot cars as well as parts and accessories to complete your set.

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Slot Car racing is very competitive. There are also large tournaments that offer prizes. Mid-America Raceway has more information about slot car racing and their racing rules. Here are some examples of local track rules.

Slotcar Qualifying

  • Orders for qualifying drivers will be made at random.
  • Qualification will take 1 minute.
  • The fastest lap time will determine the overall ranking.
  • The second fastest lap time will break any tie.
  • Drivers who miss their qualifying time will be placed in the last position.
  • F1 eurosports, 1/32 and 1/24 will be eligible for the orange lane.
  • The blue lane will be open to all GP-12, C12 and JRL.

Slotcar Race:

  • Each race will have a main start and end with the slowest.
  • The fastest. (i.e. (i.e., C-main runs prior to the B-main and B-main runs prior to the A-main.
  • Drivers will be loaded into the mains according to the Driver Loading plan (PDF).
  • JRL/B-production will run 3 minutes heats.
  • Open GP-12 & C12 will have 4 minute heats.
  • F1 and 1/32 eurosports will be run in 5 minute heats.
  • All slot car races have a one-minute intermission between heats.
  • Slotcars may be used during intermission.

Slotcar Turn Marshaling

  • You must be a slot car marshal in order to race.
  1. Drivers at the end must marshal the next main whenever they are called upon.
  2. Each main must have the same number of slot car marshals.

Missing marshaling will result in a 10-lap penalty

There are many things you need to know if you want to start slotcar racing. It is important to read the rules and decide what kind of slotcars you want to race. Many tracks offer practice times for friends and family.