Do I Need to Buy a Microsoft Surface RT?


Microsoft did an enormous favor for the American people in October 2012. Everyone was busy, and they had to see all the political ads on TV. But Microsoft had a new commercial because they were promoting their tablet computer. This positive message was much needed amid all the political rhetoric and approval of all the messages. The Microsoft Surface RT is their new product. Let me tell you why I will be making this purchase.

The iPad is a great technology. It has many apps and allows you to easily surf the Internet looking for news and other information. You can also read PDF files. This is a great feature for me as I run a think-tank and can bring my research papers to Starbucks or anywhere else I go. It’s great to have a small tablet for traveling. I can also keep my laptop at home so I don’t have to worry about it being lost while I travel.

The Microsoft Buy Microsoft Word RT I believe is a better technology than the original Microsoft Surface. It allows you to use full Microsoft Word, which is important for me as an online writer and business consultant. It is also great to plan and manage projects that I will undoubtedly need to use Microsoft Word for. The iPad is not able to do this, and the word processing apps are just not suitable for my needs. Surface RT is a tablet and a laptop in one.

Its early critics were either diehard Apple fans or they simply didn’t like the idea behind the android technology. This technology is perfect for small businesses. It’s sure to be a hit with this crowd. The US has a market of 30 million people, with 10% being self-employed. This is without mentioning all those who have used Microsoft word and Microsoft operating systems for word processing programs for decades.

Ann Zimmerman and Shira Ovide published an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Microsoft Dives into the Retail Scene – Firm Takes Unprecedented Rolle in Dictating how Big-Box Stores Should Display Computing Equipment and Pitched Them to Shoppers,” on October 22, 2012.

It is clear that the Surface RT will have a larger market share than the iPad if it is properly marketed to college students, small-business owners, professionals, and other people. It’s also quite affordable. I am buying one in any event. Those who naysay or believe this technology to be inferior are totally wrong. It is not inferior and does all I need. Don’t tell it that it isn’t good enough. You should, too. Please take the time to consider this information and reflect on it.