Are your healthy foods making you sick?


Healthy eating is essential

How can this be?

Do you eat healthy, but not feel really healthy?

They are passionate about healthy eating and health, but they are still not healthy.

They will never get healthy, no matter what.

Are they born with “bad genes”? Do they have “bad genes?” Are they predestined to be sick? Is there another explanation?

Are you or someone you know imagining yourself in this situation?

Let’s take a look at what it means for you to be healthy.

You are more likely to be healthy when you’re in good health.

  • feel good

Have a lot of energy

Have a zest for living

Positive thinking is key

Vitality for body, mind, and spirit

Your health is at its best when you are healthy.

Balanced body chemistry

  • Cells are fed down to the cellular level
  • The body absorbs all nutrients it requires
  • Body is running like a tuned machine

How is it possible that people who work hard to be healthy are unable to attain excellent health?

It is not enough to have a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and a positive outlook. You are unique. You are the only one on this planet. You are unique. To realize your full health potential, you must meet your individual needs.

Some people are strong and fit, regardless of how they live their lives. They are among those fortunate enough to be born with strong genes and don’t have to work hard to stay healthy.

There’s hope for you if you aren’t one of these people. It takes a little bit of detective work to find out.

First, healthy foods can be classified according to their nutritional content and potential health-enhancing benefits. However, not all healthy foods are healthy.

Some people are allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. You might be one of these people or know someone with food allergies. Some people may have life-threatening reactions to certain foods. Others thrive on them.

Most food allergies are immediate or occur within two hours.

Hidden food allergies are another type of allergy that can cause a reaction within a few hours to three days. It can lead to migraines, stomach upset, fatigue, arthritis, fatigue, and other conditions that you wouldn’t normally associate with food. These are known as food sensitivities and food intolerance.

Your body reacts to inflammatory foods. If you continue to eat foods that are not tolerated, your health will decline.

Let’s say you are allergic to salmon or broccoli. All you’ve read about them is that they are healthy foods that protect you against things like heart disease and cancer. Because they are so good for you, you eat them often.