Adventure Holidays – Bungee Off Verzasca Dam Or Climb Mount Kosciuszko


Although the race to the poles is over and the seven oceans and five continents have all been mapped and plucked, the human desire for adventure has not been satisfied. Although some still long for virgin exploration, many people would prefer an Adventure Holiday. You will need to put in a lot of effort to reach your goal on an adventure holiday, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to the task. It can take you as little as two weeks to get there.

For adventure, the eyes of explorers used to be upwards. Everest required some climbing, and Mont Blanc’s snows were a formidable opponent in the past. For Comic Relief, a group of celebrities conquered Kilimanjaro. The impressively named highest mountains in Australia and Britain, Ben Nevis, and Mount Kosciuszko are perfect for a holiday adventure. You can climb Ben in nine hours; Kosciuszko takes three. During your Adventure Holiday, you will have climbed one the “Seven Summits”.

Sailors are among the most adventurous people on the planet. However, this kind of adventure is not feasible for many people. For those who love the openness of the ocean, you can still live on a tall ship or sail around Cape Horn. Or charter a boat to bob around Scotland’s west coast. You can also make your adventure vacation time by participating in the Three Peaks Yacht Race, which is still an impressive accomplishment.

Although no one has ever explored 2,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2,000 Leagues Under the Sea), the underwater world presents many challenges to man. You can conquer these challenges in adventure vacation comfort with Great White Sharks, whale sharks and dolphins, as well as a submarine safari to the Spanish depths.

There are many ways to make your mark on your adventure holiday. The young men of Pentecost Island demonstrated their faith in bungee jumping, and you can also travel to the island to perform with traditional vines. It would be more exciting and impressive to grow up in the same way James Bond would – not with Miss Moneypenny, but by performing the Bond bungee at Goldeneye off Verzasca Dam.

China’s Great Wall can be a historic hike and adventure holiday. However, you can now climb the wall by cable car and descend via toboggan. You don’t have to race to the pole. Instead, you can see the wilds of Antarctica from your cruise ship deck. And instead of joining a Tureg Salt Caravan, you can choose to camp in luxury at Ksar Ghilane, Sahara. Although it is a more adventurous version of bullfighting, running with the Bulls can be dangerous.