Download Anime free – Ethical?


It’s been too long. This has been too long.

Should anime fans be allowed to download fansubs and anime for free online?

It is obvious that it is not ethical because the “free downloaders”, who are basically downloading pirated work of authors and workers, are using these products. They deny the rights of the authors and those who earned the royalties they deserve.

What’s $20 when compared to all the hard work that went into creating the wonderful animes? It could have taken many months or even years to create.

However, free downloaders are a different story.

  1. Most popular: It’s free! Why wouldn’t you? It saves me a lot of money.

These are the freebie hunters. I can’t really say much.

  1. Even if I purchase, authors get very little money. I would buy if all the money went to the author, which is usually not the case.

Production costs are also involved, and they are not cheap. Companies that distribute and sub-title anime deserve their money.

  1. These products are too expensive! $30 for 3-4 episodes Let’s get on it!

High quality products are expensive. We are sorry about that.

  • But.. I believe that companies should not profit from anime fans by charging high prices for DVDs. This is not fair, and very unjustified. Perhaps we need some sort of “anime consumer body” that can control the price?

Fansubs can be a good thing in a certain sense. Fansubs were a huge source of advertising for anime. Without fansubs, anime wouldn’t be as popular. All fansubbers deserve a huge thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Although there is no exact number, a certain percentage (I am in this category) of fans who watch fansubs end up buying anime merchandise.

Are there any losses due to people who didn’t buy the product? is probably a small amount compared to the huge advertisement the anime received. I think that people who didn’t buy the manga/DVD after watching the anime wouldn’t have bought it in the first instance.

I have my own opinions.

Personally, I would rather watch the fansubs than the DVDs. What is the Monetary Factor? Perhaps yes. The main reason is the QUALITY OF the fansubs. The “subbed” version is my preferred version. I find the Japanese voices more appropriate to the animation than the English ones. It’s a personal choice.

Some fansubbers did a better job then those employed by companies. The manga versions are also affected by this. Some companies are just looking to make a quick buck. You can put up crppy translations and that’s all! SOME of them also don’t respect the originality and creativity of anime/manga. This is what psses off many anime/manga lovers. Darn.

If that is the case, I would rather donate my money to these fansubbers than to this type of company.

Download anime free is possible in certain cases. This is the case when you can only download anime from the internet. (Disclaimer. Just a thought. It is not something I condone.

What should you do?

As if the internet were a test, you can watch the fanubbed animes/mangas as if they were. If you like it, then support the creators by buying the DVDs or the manga . It’s enough. =)

I have found that online shopping is often cheaper than going to an offline store. I’ve done it for a while.