A guide to common soccer K8Viva Kien Thuc Nuoi Ga Choi terms


Parlay is sometimes called “a parlay”. Parlay is a K8Viva Kien Thuc Nuoi Ga Choi in which the winnings from one wager are used to place the next bet. The theoretical return is large because the winnings add up. It is not very profitable, as one loses and the entire bet loses.

Combining bets that guarantee a theoretically risk-free profit. These can occur when one bookie is offering a price that is not in line with the market. These opportunities don’t last very long because the bookie will adjust its prices accordingly.

Asian Handicap.
This type of bet is where one team is given handicap. The odds of winning the handicap are around evens, and the odds that they don’t beat the handicap are around evens. Asia is a popular place to find this type of bet.

It is a bet that is very likely to win. These types of bets have odds lower than 1.5

Betting Exchange.
This is a place where people can bet against one another. Each winning trade earns the exchange a commission.

Book Value.
Bookies can add an over-round to the odds. A typical match of football will be book to 110%, which means that you would lose approximately 10% if you bet on all the outcomes. This is very similar to payout, which is 100/book value. This formula can be used to calculate book value: Book Value = 1/outcome1_odds + 1/1 outcome2_odds

Bookmaker, bookie.
Accepts a wager.

Decimal odds.
The odds are expressed as a decimal with the stake included in overall price. A decimal odds of 3 is equivalent to fractional odds at 2/1. The stake is not included in the latter.

A accumulator that has 2 bets.

Double chance.
This is a bet that you place on the 3-way market. You can bet on two outcomes. You might choose to bet on either the home win or the draw. Although the odds of winning are often very low, they are still much better than those with poor odds.

No bet.
This is a bet in which the draw returns your stake. This is the exact same as a +0 Asian Handicap.

Each Way.
This type of bet allows you to still win even if your selections come in the 2nd/3rd/4th position depending on what market. Split the bet into two parts: half place on straight wins and half on next four places. This bet is very popular in horse racing, but it is also used in football in certain markets, eg. First goal scorer.

European Handicap.
Avoid confusing Asian Handicaps with Asian Handicaps. This is when a team is given the goal start, but the bet cannot then be drawn. There are three prices: one for each team that gives the handicap, one for each team that has the handicap and one to draw the handicap. If a match is won by one goal and a team has a +1 European handicap, then the bet loses. This is unlike Asian Handicaps, where the stakes can be refunded. A +1 handicap equals a +0.5 Asian Handicap and a 1-handicap equals a -1.5 Asian Handicap.

This is a bet in which the odds of winning are 1/1 fractional, or 2 decimal. If you place a bet on this, you will double your money.

Fixed odds betting.
This is where you can see what you will win or lose when you place your bet. Your liability and winnings are fixed. Spread betting is a better option.

Fractional odds.
These are a popular way to express odds in Britain. The return does not include the stake. As such, 3 decimal is equivalent to 2/1, which only represents the winning portion of the bet.

Goal line, Unders/overs, total goals.
All markets similar to this one are based on the total goals of a match. For unders, it is usually 2 goals or less and for overs it is 3 goals or more. Although the goal line is the same as the unders/overs, the bet may draw. If the goal line is 3, then a game that has more than 2 goals will win the unders. A game with 4 goals or more will win over the overs. A game with 3 goals or less will forfeit the bet. Sometimes, the goal lines include quarters (eg. 2.25 means that there are exactly two goals in the match. The unders will win half and the overs will lose the other half. The total goals are often expressed in three brackets: 0-1, 2-3, and 4+.

Half Time/Full Time sometimes called double result.
Here you can place your bets on the full-time and half-time results.

Place a Bet.
This is what a bookmaker does when accepting a bet. You can place bets on a betting exchange.

Odds against.
Place a bet where the odds of winning are higher than evens

Odds on.
Place a bet where the odds of winning are lower than evens

This bet is where you can predict the exact goal score and the first goal score. Although the odds are favorable, it is not easy to predict exactly what will happen.

Spread betting.
This is a popular way to bet where the returns are not fixed. The spread is the difference between what the bookies set as the spread and your prediction. The bookie might offer a quote between 26 and 29 minutes for the first goal market. This spread can be either under (buy) oder over (sell). If you place a bet below and the goal is scored within the 6th minute, you will win 20 (26-6) of your stake. If it is scored in the 80th minute, you will lose a lot.

3W or 1X2 betting.
You can bet on either a home win/draw/or away win. 1X2 is because you can mark 1 for a home win, X if you draw, and 2 for an away victory in betting shops.