18 Tips for School Makeup


Guess what? Guess what? I went back to school Saturday. Yes, I went to a 2-hour MAC Studio Talk makeup course at Bloomingdale’s, SF. It was packed with makeup tips, new product information, and more.

Brand-sponsored best eye Milani Cosmetics to brighten skin in seconds classes are a great way for you to spend Saturday afternoon if you love makeup. The Bloomingdale’s website was where I learned about the MAC Studio Talk class. You can also ask in stores (check with counter staff) if you are interested in similar classes from other brands.

These classes are usually free but some brands or stores may charge a small fee. Classes are typically kept small (30 students or less) and hands-on in certain cases (such as the MAC Studio Talk class), which allows you to apply products yourself. Sometimes they will be more lecture-style. A $75 fee is required to reserve a place in MAC Studio Talk classes through Bloomingdale’s. This amount can also be used towards the purchase of MAC products after the class. A class like this may be an option if you are looking to add some value to your existing collection.

MAC Studio Makeup Talk

Every student had the option to choose between a club-inspired or bridal look. The instructors explained each step of the process to me, so I chose the club look. A few tips were helpful.

  1. 1. Beat the Heat with MAC Wipes
    Keep MAC Wipes ($17!) in the refrigerator when it’s hot. When used to remove makeup, they will stay fresh and crisp.
  2. Spray Fix+ ($16) on red or splotchy skin before applying makeup. The spray prepares skin for makeup application and contains soothing chamomile.
  3. Primer reduces the need for touch-ups
    For oily skinned women and men, face primers are great. A primer will ensure that you don’t need to reapply makeup as often during the day. There are two types of MAC primers: Prep + Prime Skin ($23), and Prep + Prim Face Protect SPF50 ($28).
  4. To minimize fine lines, use Fast Response Eye Cream
    Apply Fast Response Eye Cream ($28.50), to any areas that are prone to fine lines. This formula has optical diffusers that reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  5. Layer Foundation: It’s easier to add than to take away
    You only need a little foundation to get the job done. It is better to start with less foundation and build up the coverage you desire. It is easier to add product slowly than to remove it.
  6. Studio Tech Foundation Medium Coverage
    MAC Studio Tech ($29), a compact cream foundation that tends to be lighter in weight than MAC’s fluid foundations. Studio Tech in a darker NC 37 is great for medium coverage. It also helps to soften and diffuse lines.
  7. Apply Foundation with Downward Strokes
    Fuzz and facial hair tend to be vertically arranged on the skin. So when applying foundation with a brush like the 190 Foundation Brush ($32), use down strokes and follow the “grain”.
  8. MAC Blot Your T-zone to Get a Natural Look
    Top MAC Studio Tech foundation using MAC Blot Powdered Powder ($21) to achieve a natural look. I used a 187 Duo Fiber Brush ($42) to dust the Medium Deep shade onto my T-zone.
  9. Apply bronzer like a pro
    Think of bronzer as a capital letter E. Use Refined Gold Bronzer ($21), a 187 brush and start at the outer corner. Next, swipe down the curve of your cheekbone (under your apple of cheek) to apply the bronzer. Next, continue to swipe in the same direction. Next, move your finger over your right temple to the top of your forehead just below your right hairline. The shape you want should look like a capital E on your right side. You can do the opposite on your left.
  10. Blush like a Champ
    A 187 duofiber brush is a good choice for blush application. Apply the powder to the blush pan one or two times, then tap off any excess powder. To make your cheeks stand out, smile in the mirror and apply the blush with a circular motion. Continue the process until the blush reaches the hairline.
  11. Brow Set ($13.50), is an excellent product to keep around in case your brow hairs are positioned in different directions. This gel acts as a hair spray and keeps your brows in place. You even get a mascara brush with it. You can use it to manage stray hairs on your face in a pinch.
  12. Use Paint Pots to Prime Your Eyes
    Eye primer prolongs the life span of eye shadows. Painterly Paint Pot (16.50) is a multi-purpose eye primer. It is a nude, creamy beige color that can be used with nearly all colors. Use a flat brush such as the MAC 242 ($23) to apply the product all over the eye. Paint Pots don’t require you to use a lot of product.
  13. Eye shadows can be used to create color gradients and shadows on the lid and crease. Apply color to the brow bone using eye shadows. Start by applying color directly below the arch of your eyebrows. Then, move in the opposite direction. You’ll want to use the most color in the center below the arch. The center of the arch is where you want to concentrate color. This creates a focal point that further defines the shape.
  14. How to apply eye shadow in the Crease
    Apply crease color using a 224 Tapered Mixing Brush. Start with the outer edge of your lashes (the one closest to your outer eye). Next, use a back-and-forth windshield wiper motion to move the color into your crease. As you push the brush head into the inner crease, reduce the pressure. This creates a lighter color application. You should get a gradient of color that becomes lighter as the brush moves into the crease.
  15. It makes a big difference how you hold your brush.
    Your control of the brush will be affected by where you hold it. The more pressure you apply to the brush head, the closer your fingers are to its barrel (the section below the brush head). Place your fingers in the middle of the handle to evenly apply color.
  16. Primer for Big, Bold Lashes
    Apply two coats of Prep + Prim Lash ($13.50), after curling your eyelashes and before you apply mascara. This mascara dramatically thickens and lengthens your lashes.
  17. False lashes can double your fun
    Double them up to take your false lashes to the next step. One row of 7 Lash ($12), on top of one row of 3 Lash ($12).
  18. Gloss can be used to create a pouty lip
    For a simple pouty look, apply a little gloss to the middle of your lower lip. It won’t look too messy or overdone.